The 12 Signs and the 27 Stars (Palaces) of Roman/Greco Astrology.

 Some of the Stars (Palaces) do bind together the 12 signs. Example, there is a Vesta Aries and a Vesta Taurus. Remember, Select your STAR sign first and them locate your SUN sign second (SUN signs located after STAR signs).

These Star sign definitions are translations DIRECTLY from the Yavanajataka. For Jade Luna's interpretation of the 27 Star signs buy the book 27 Stars: Discovering Your True Self With Asterian Astrology.

Symbols by Bobbie James

Dioscuri (Dee-o-skoori) April 13 to April 26:

This Lunar Mansion assigns zeal, energy, magnetic personality and courage. Those who are born in this Lunar Mansion are generally attractive and elegant. Dioscuri borne, move, think and act very fast. At times their love for speeding can cause them trouble instead of efficiency. They initiate new things and projects constantly. Here, the qualities of a horse are displayed wherever this Palace makes its mark. Dioscuri people enjoy positive interaction in personal relationships, except their stubbornness can create turmoil. The heroic and courageous nature of all the people born under this star comes in handy while choosing professions like armed forces, law enforcement etc. Love for speeding also lends an interest in sports, athletics, flying, riding and business (quick thinking). This Palace also provides the natives with healing capabilities, and one can progress to great heights in medicine and alternate fields thereof. They are scrupulous, prosperous, obedient, truthful, and obtain all comforts. They are endowed with good family and children and wealth. They are daring, attractive and well off. They are capable administrators, and are often respected. They sacrifice money, have a good conduct and greatly enjoy life. They are quick and candid, a knower of philosophy, rational and succeed in quarrels. They have nice hands and wide eyes. They are respected by Kings and speak sweetly. If Dioscuri is afflicted with Saturn or Mars, they can become daring, arrogant, thievish, and fraudulent. An affliction to this Palace can make them unkind and can make them gravitate towards lower actions.

This symbol mimics the traditional Sign for Dioscuri, a horse's head. This Palace represents the head, or the beginning of the zodiac. This symbol also resembles the female reproductive system. Dioscuri relates to all initiations and beginnings.

Sun in:
Dioscuri indicates a person who is a pioneer, innovator and explorer, who is heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, with a zest for life. They have a strong desire to be of service to others. They are energetic and magnetic, quick in speech and actions. However, they can also be inconsiderate and irresponsible.
(Tony Romo, Seth Rogen, Renee Zellwegger, Shirley MacClaine)

Hades (Hay-deez) April 27-May 10:

This star is under the planetary Lordship of Venus and is within the Sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. Hades represents the character of the Underworld.
Hades's animal symbol is the elephant. This star is connected with the energies we expend to maintain ourselves in the material world. This Palace endows creative and mental inclinations to the person born in it. The person is intelligent, witty and constantly dealing with ideologies of his own or others. A loyalty to ones own thinking, usually creating courageous people who fight for their beliefs. The same tendency can lead to cases where this Palace borne feels restricted by others opinions, and thus can become a bitter opponent. This Palace causes one to go through ups and downs in life and will constantly create opportunities to renovate life. Whether a person uses the opportunity or not is entirely in his/her hand. In spite of having Pluto as their deity, people of this Palace generally live quite long. Endowed by medium build and fine teeth, the subjects do have love for fine things in life. They are connoisseurs and even artistically inclined as painters, and musicians. Careers in transformation, chemicals and medicine are lucrative for the people borne under this Palace, as it sits in the Sign of Aries.

The full Moon in Hades indicates Halloween. The veil of the dead opens and this full Moon grants the ability to interact with deceased loved ones. This full Moon can also indicate a great change in the particular House the Moon falls under (in the Natal chart), and this change will persist throughout the month.

They are good speakers, stable, knowledgeable and truthful. They are long lived. They are also determined, and proud, they do not tolerate human ignorance.

Hades is the Palace of birth, death and transformation. The symbol is a vagina. The triangle references three stars which compose this Palace. These three stars, also known as "the Buckle of Isis", were perceived by ancient astrologers as portals between worlds.
Sun in:
Hades indicates a person who struggles and can feel restrained and experiences obstacles in life. They often can be resentful of these restrictions. They are intelligent and witty and love the finer things in life, but they can also be fanatical in their beliefs, which can lead to severe ups and downs in life. Hades people can become very successful through their own hard work!
(Jade Luna, Jim Morrison (moon), Candace Bergen, Audrey Hepburn)

Vesta (Vest-a) May 11-May 23:

Vesta is also known as the "star of fire" and is related to a commander, fighter, foster mother, luster, power, physical and creative force. Vesta being a female Palace suggests passivity, indicating that Vesta needs outer energy or life circumstance to activate their power. People borne in this constellation are also very fiery in nature. They have a very strong personality, which at times can intimidate other people. At other times, the fire is well placed under placid exterior. Vesta borne native is generally an aggressive, focused, driven individual with a sharp mind and cutting tongue. There is a protective streak about people born under this Lunar Mansion. Whether it is about shielding their loved ones, adopting and nurturing an orphan, or fighting for the underdog, Vesta people surely shine. People born under this influence have magnetic personality and stand out in the crowd. They are also good at excelling through persistence. Therefore they can be placed in multiple professions; yet careers in engineering, law, military, business and interior decoration, marketing and human resources are often favorable.

Vesta is traditionally denoted by a blade or a flame. This symbol combines the two motifs, expressing this Palaces sharp, proactive nature.
Sun in:
Vesta borne are outgoing and love friends and family; endowed with children, enjoy life and are very prosperous. They can struggle with money at times because they also enjoy spending frivolously. They love travel but deny the help rendered by others. They can be harsh, and get caught in doing emotionally or physically difficult jobs. They are bright, easy to anger and passionate. They are heavy eaters and can be fiery. They are stingy, intelligent, famous, successful, and loved by their partner.
(Notorius B.I.G, Malcolm X, Cher, Pete Townsend)

Pasiphae (Pass-if-phay) May 24- June 06:

Those born in Pasiphae are agriculturists, experts, well-behaved, attractive, good speakers and poets. Pasiphae evokes some degree of jealousy because others may resent their gains. This Palace indicates strong desire which should be expressed in creative ways. Out of the 27 Palaces, the Moon enjoys this Palace the most, due to Luna being the queen of the Moon. She is said to be gorgeous, seductive, pampered, and fond of fine and beautiful things in life. Much similar to her characteristics, people born in Pasiphae are elegant, passionate and most likely have a good sex drive. They often won't hesitate to use their charisma to gain whatever they want in life. Pasiphae people possess a love for the arts, music, fine clothes and luxury. They attract respect and admiration quite naturally; at times, this is the reason they become insensitive and critical towards the unfortunate. Otherwise, natives are usually very well behaved people. The professions suited to people born under this Palace are: politics, writing, acting, arts, and agriculture. They are of sweet-speech, intelligent, capable and bright. They are long-lived, involved in socially accepted jobs, religious, truthful and help those who have helped them. People of power respect them. They are endowed with good looking limbs and a wide forehead, handsome, independent, usually respected by the higher class, loved by their children, interested in wealth and enjoy money.

Pasiphae is represented by a four-pedaled flower. This relates to its connection to the number four, as well as its typical emblem, the rose. Pasiphae relates to Taurine themes of stability and abundance.

Sun in:
Pasiphae indicates a person who is passionate, sexually seductive, elegant, attractive and charismatic. They love children, art, music and luxury, and the fine things of life, but can be snobbish, pampered, materialistic and critical of those whom they consider not up to their own standards.
(Morgan Freeman, Marylin Monroe, Heidi Klum)

Prometheus (Pro-me-thee-us) June 07 to June 20:

Prometheus borne like to roam about in forests and nature, they love life and seek knowledge or excitement. Prometheus is partly in Taurus and partly in Gemini. It conveys the ideas of searching for beauty. People born in this Palace have a strong body and moderate complexion. This Palace depicts curiosity or searching. A search for something newer and more brilliant keeps the people born in the Palace revved up for new experiences and opportunities in life. Prometheus people are gentle like a deer, with equally attractive appearance. But internally they are constantly searching for something. People of this Palace are either researchers, scientists or in other professions tempted by changes and adventures. They are good public speakers, intelligent, and friendly. People born in this Palace have a natural attraction for opposite sex, and are constantly pushing their limits to have romantic affairs. This Palace also speaks of motherly instincts. They are devoted to their mothers. Career avenues imbibing constant changes are ideal for Prometheus borne. They are great at sports, the travel industry, and are attracted to professions in the media.

This symbol emulates Prometheus's cup of elixir. It also combines the symbols for Taurus and Gemini, the two zodiac Signs which correspond to this Palace. The curved line which reflects the horns of Taurus may also be interpreted as symbolic of Prometheus's other motif, the deer.

Sun in:
Prometheus indicates a person who is restless and nervous, constantly searching or looking for something. They are gentle, tender, peaceful, sensual and romantic, with motherly instincts. They are always curious and make great travelers, investigators, researchers and collectors, as well as good public speakers and communicators. This Palace also deals with gems, sculpting and making beautiful things with their hands.
(George Bush Sr., Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)

Typhon (Tie-fon) June 21-July 4:

When the Sun enters Typhon the earth begins its menstrual course. This Palace signifies transfomation, just like its deity Typhon. Typhon is the transformative part of God. Transformation is necessary for regeneration, and fertility. Hence, the intention of this Palace is always creativity. Typhon born people are usually stubborn, yet are sweet in personality. But these people can also be gentle, sympathetic, and can command the situations around them effectively. They have stable and strong personalities and are extremely effective in getting things done. They like to renovate discarded things. People born in this Palace can suitably direct their energies to difficult and transformative professions.

The symbol of Typhon combines two emblems; the diamond and the raindrop (or teardrop). Together, they provide a visual description of Typhons theme of growth and renewal through chaos and turbulence.
Sun in:
Typhon indicates a person with sadness and destructive impulses, but also is skilled at creating new things out of the old. They are usually leaders; however they can be calculating and stubborn and often suffer from confusion.. On the other hand, they can also be strong, stable and have sympathetic personalities. This Palace creates great communicators and talented writers.
(Cyndi Lauper, Kurt Warner, Meryl Streep)

Artemis (Art a mis) July 5-July 18:

Artemis brings about the return of energy and vitality. It causes our creative growths and inspirations to be renewed. After the bleak and destructive storms of Typhon, the element of light returned. This is a very pious Palace, which gives intellect and honor to the person born in it. It also gives courage to pursue ones ideals and ambition. This Palace lends an inclination towards spirituality and faith. Artemis people are honest and truthful to the core. One of the beauties of this Palace is that even if a person loses everything in life; he/she can rise again like a phoenix, and rebuild his/her life. They have limitless inner resources, and no limitations to what they can achieve. This is a very prosperous Palace, in spite of the fact that the native is not so materialistically inclined. The Artemis borne truly value family; consequently, their families are very fortunate to have them around. The people of this Palace lean towards humanitarian careers. Diet and health are priorities. They can also be brilliant writers, journalists, and actors.

Artemis's symbol relates to themes of retrieving, recovering, and recycling. This Palace is traditionally denoted by a quiver of arrows (magical weapons which return after fulfilling their mission). These arrows are depicted here in their circular path from beginning to return.
Sun in:
Artemis indicates a person with strong inner resources and ability to bounce back from difficulties, is philosophical, religious, spiritual, likeable, charming and forgiving. They are idealistic, truthful to the core and value home life.
(Tom Cruise, George W. Bush, Tom Hanks, Cheryl Ladd)

Zeus (Z- oo- s) July 19 to August 1:

Zeus borne like to nourish, preserve, protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen. This is considered to be one of the best Palaces of all. The natives born in this Palace are intelligent, spiritual and selfless. They attract wealth (often up to the point of opulence) as their karmic reward. Zeus borne people are self sufficient, deep thinkers and philosophers. They care deeply about others and try to uplift the conditions of people around them. They work for the underprivileged, and spread their knowledge through teaching. Sometimes the same streak can take the form of arrogance, as one tends to think him superior from others. Still, to be born under this Palace is truly priceless. People of this constellation do well in fields of social service, medicine, and teaching.

Zeus is the Palace of nourishment, generosity and kindness. Its symbol is a circle which can be seen as a wheel, a drop of milk, a coconut, or the Moon inside a blossoming lotus flower.

Sun in:
Zeus indicates a person who is religious, conventional, helpful, selfless, caring, intelligent and spiritual. They are usually self-sufficient and wealthy, but enjoy community service. However, they can be arrogant and superior towards those who do not share their high ideals.
(Carl Jung, Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock)

Hydra (Hi-drah) August 2- August 15:

The force of Hydra can be understood specifically by its name. Hydra can be helpful if others have enemies, however it can also give a person an inimical temperament as well. It all depends upon how the energy of this Palace is used. Hydra is the creature with poisonous capabilities, intensity and a secret nature. Snakes also depict wisdom and a supreme form of spiritual power. Hydra people are very intense, secretive, and sexual; they often get exactly what they want. They can be extremely competitive and openly fierce in their arguments, and can often exploit spiritual power for recognition. If given to their negative tendencies, they can be very bad avengers and manipulators. Their inherent wisdom makes them quite adept in astrology, communications and psychology.

Hydra is two serpentine lines symmetrically entwining, recalling Mercury's healing staff as well as the double-helix pattern of DNA molecule. This powerful Palace gives intuition and transformative potential.
Sun in:
Hydra indicates a person is penetrating, intense, hypnotic and wise. Straightforward, smart, of grand vision, independent, ambitious, bright speaker, commanding respect, skilled in politics, powerful communicator, diplomatic, loves travel. This Palace can also be perverse and can carry grudges endlessly. They are known to always attack their opponents as they suffer continual negative memories of their past.
(Madonna, Barak Obama)

Persephone (per-sef-o-nee) August 16- August 29:

Persephone is the cause of brightness, light and rules over the world of the dead, but from a positive ancestral place called the Elysian Fields (whereas Aidoneus deals with the dark side of the dead-Tartarus). This Palace stands for higher impulses and incentives, the gift of Persephone must always be a noble one. It shows that we are coming to the end of a cycle. Persephone is where great kings and leaders are born. Persephone people have natural leadership skills, along with a great deal of pride related to family roots and ancestry. The restlessness in these people manifests itself in a high urge for success and power. This very drive can also be sprouted from a feeling of insecurity hidden within. The people born in this Palace can be arrogant, and selfish. But more usually than not, they are wonderful, amiable, and wise human beings. They are naturally endowed with a balanced, positive outlook and thus, become obvious contenders for high positions in life. Natives of this Palace are good at public services, politics, and family businesses.

Persephone coincides with the beginning of Leo and epitomizes the Lion attributes: honor, pride, magnificence, duty, glory, and respect. It is symbolized here by a simple three-pointed crown.
Sun in:
Persephone indicates a person who is noble, eminent, ambitious and generous, with leadership qualities, strong and traditional values and a drive for power and wealth. They are amiable and have a positive outlook on life. They are loyal and proud of their family and ancestors, but can also be elitist and arrogant.
(Patrick Swayze, Dennis Leary, Tipper Gore)

Bacchus (Bach-us) August 30-September 12:

Bacchus is the symbol of creation. Bacchus brings union and procreation on all levels. This Palaces symbol is a bed or hammock, a time of rest and relaxation. This Palace speaks of marriage. People of this Palace rely much on their inherent luck. They are very relaxed and happy-go-lucky in their life. Bacchus people are blessed with pleasant marital life and children. They enjoy family life as much as they enjoy social life. Natives of this Palace are very fond of parties, picnics and social events. Bacchus people are endowed with robust health and passionate nature. They are also inclined towards fine arts. This Palace produces many brilliant artists.

Bacchus is the Mansion of comfort, pleasure, delight, and indulgence. It follows Persephone, signifying a period of relaxation following worldly accomplishment. Again, its symbol can be seen as one reclining in a luxurious bed.

Sun in:
Bacchus indicates someone who is romantic, attractive, sensual, affectionate, sociable, kind, generous and loyal. They are good communicators and influencers of others. They are artistic, but can also be vain. They have a need to be in relationships and family life is important to them.
(Van Morris, Lily Tomlin, Gloria Estafan)

Hymenaeus (Hi-mo-nae-ous) September 13 to September 25:

Bacchus and Hymenaeus are known as marriage mansions. Natives of both the Palace are best settled in marriage. This is the 12th Palace of the zodiac. The Sign Lords are Sun and Mercury, the symbol is a bed. Hymenaeus indicates both the need for union and for organizing the resources gained through it. But this particular Palace makes the person more dependent in relationship, which often creates commitment to the wrong relationship as well. The people born in this Palace also tend to be fixed and stable, and focus mindedly on their way to success. They are also very friendly and encouraging towards people. Their positive approach to people is an added asset to their successful living. The natives are also known to amass prosperity through marriage.

Hymneaeus Palace also represents comfort but with an emphasis on wisdom rather then sensuality. It falls into the latter part of Leo, its symbol relates to that Sign. The circle representing the individual, formerly seen enveloped in the blanket of luxury, here rises up like the Sun.
Sun in:
Hymenaeus indicates a person who is helpful, kind, friendly, caring, sincere and courageous. They are stable, consistent and focused in their approach to life. They need relationships, family unity, and love humanity in general. However, they can also be dependent in relationships and stubborn.
(Michael Douglas, Heather Locklear, Barbara Walters)

Sol (Sole) September 26-October 12:

This is the 13th Palace of the zodiac. The symbol is a closed hand or fist. Sol gives the ability to achieve our goals in a complete and immediate manner. Sol people are skilled in everything related to hand. They are gifted craftsmen, healers, artists, palmists or careers that involve wit. Sol people are usually endowed with comic and clever wit. They are good entertainers and charmers. The people born in this Palace usually suffer a lot of hardships in life early on in their youth. They usually turn their path to spirituality. Sol people are very intelligent, and make genuine and good counselors. Sol people have difficulty forgiving others; they hold onto their routines and their dogmas. However, once they come in touch with their true self, their enlightenment is inevitable.

Sol is symbolized by a human hand. This Palace relates to all work and activities done with the hands, including all forms of craftsmanship. One traditional symbol for Sol is the potter's wheel, shown here by an empty circle.
Sun in:
Sol indicates a person who is skillful with their hands, good at craftsmanship and the arts, healers and massagers. They are clever, witty, entertaining and humorous, and are good speakers and communicators. Their early life may be subject to hardship and restraints; they like routine and security. They are also known to be possessive.
(Sting, Susan Sarandon, Chevy Chase)

Vulcan (Vul-can) October 13- October 22:

Vulcan, the cosmic craftsman, rules this Palace. Most qualities of this Palace are opposite to the nature of Vulcan. Vulcan loved the Goddess Venus and the qualities that he loved in her are deeply associated with this Palace. This is the "star of opportunity". Vulcan reflects the world of fine living and delusions, and people borne here are to overcome superficial things. This is the 14th Palace of the zodiac. Vulcan natives are extremely fascinating and always stand apart from the crowd. Extremely well groomed, with their soft eyes and nice body, they exude a charming persona. Vulcan people are intelligent conversationalists. They have artistic flairs, which they use in day-to-day life. Apart from wearing decorative clothing and jewelry, they are great in arts like interior decoration and visual professions. They are brilliant organizers with an eye for details (like the God Vulcan). They also make good architects and jewelry designers. People born in Vulcan can have deep insight. They are also interested in spiritual subjects.

Vulcan is symbolized by a jewel star. Its nature is that of an artist; imagining and designing new forms, ideas, and illusions.
Sun in:
Vulcan indicates someone with good opportunities in life, very charismatic, charming, and glamorous. They love bright colors, jewelry and beautiful things. They are artistic, spiritual and have great insight, and are good conversationalists and organizers. Judgment is the downfall of Vulcan.
(Eminem, Zac Effron, Usher, Marie Osmond)

Favonius (Fav-o-nee-us) October 23-November 5:

This Palace is concerned with air, wind, breeze or knowledge of ether (the abode of air). Favonius can be destructive unless one learns how to use the energy of the Palace to remove negativity. This Palace is related to the Goddess Minerva; therefore, this Palace rules all form of learning, music and arts. Favonius people have an artistic flair for communication. It is because of these qualities that they are quite successful financially and business wise. Ruled by the God of Wind, this Palace imparts its natives with the qualities of quick change and restlessness. Favonius people also cherish their independence fiercely; these qualities can make them fickle minded and flexible at the same time. They are quick studies by nature and almost always curious to learn new things.

Favonius is typically symbolized by a young plant shoot blown by the wind or a sword. This symbol combines the two motifs. The curved line intersecting the straight line also represents the balancing of contrasting forces. This Palace is adaptable, flexible, diplomatic, and temperate. It occurs halfway through the Palace cycle, and relates to all crossroads and compromises.
Sun in:
Palace indicates someone who is musical, artistic, creative, intuitive and psychic. They have good business and financial skills and are good communicators. They are good learners, knowledgeable, curious and flexible in their approach. They can be vulnerable but are good survivors. However, they can also be impatient, restless and fickle.
(Keith Urban, Julia Roberts)

Dinus (Die-noos) November 6-November 18:

Dinus represents the powers of heat and battle and is a title of Mars. It has the symbol of a leaf-decked triumphal gate. Mars was known in ancient time as the God of agriculture and spring. A farmer plows and harvests his crop through thick and thin of seasons with single-minded devotion; similarly, the native belonging to this Palace work their way to a focused goal. Enduring every obstacle, they manage to reap their fruits of labor. The success produced by these people is long termed, though often it comes later in life. "Everything is fair in love and war" is their motto. As a result, many a time than not, they tend to gain inflictions on the way. This Palace advises them to focus around the same determination of purpose to spiritual enlightenment. People born in this Palace are also quick witted, artistic, intelligent, pleasant and popular. They are usually very good in communications or jobs that require emotional or physical strength.

The symbol of Dinus combines its traditional symbol of the triumphal arch with its meaning, "Two-Branched". Dinus relates to the concept of single-minded fixation on a goal, and the painful sacrifice required to meeting that goal. It is the incomplete mind which desires completion.
Sun in:
Dinus indicates a person who is purposeful, goal oriented, ambitious, competitive, opinionated, forceful and determined. They are persistent and patient, but quick witted and intelligent. They are pleasant and popular and are good communicators, but they can also be abrasive. They usually only achieve success later in life and can be jealous and envious of others.
(Sally Field, Joni Mitchell, Leonardo diCaprio)

Urania (Your-ae-nee-a) November 19-December 1:

People born under Urania are extremely popular in their friendships. The ability to go along nicely with people, combined with diligence towards their work, makes them highly successful, since they manage to create a sense of balance between their relationships. They are very loving and loyal to their loved ones. They also love variety and travel frequently; or they set up their career in a distant location and far from home. Urania people also have a mystic side.

Uranias symbol is a staff which may be interpreted as a magician's wand or walking stick. Philosophy, devotion, and travel relate to this Palace. Urania transforms Aress narrow-sighted obsession into a broader vision of reverence and awe.
Sun in:
Urania indicates someone who has balanced friendships and relationships and is co-operative, loving, popular, and successful. They are good leaders and organizers and are focused on their goals, but they are also good at sharing. They are sensual, and love variety and travel. They are faithful but jealous.
(Goldie Hawn, Scarlett Johanssen, John F. Kennedy Jr.)

Parca (Park-a) December 2- December 14:

Parca creates the vibration of a crone, a chief one, or someone or something supremely glorious and superior due to age and experience. Parca gives the karmic pattern in our life through which we have the opportunity to unlock the reservoir of our personal powers, and emerge truly victorious as heroes. Parca people have hidden occult powers. It is also the Palace of summoning courage and moving forward in life. Like the eldest member of the family, a Parca born has to take on the responsibility and power of his loved ones, wealth and business. Sometimes, they posses low self-esteem, and tend to seem critical. They can invoke the power of this Palace and emerge as wise, experienced and respected as the eldest member of the family.

Parca remembers past life deaths and can have phobias connected to death and dying. Parca being the last Palace in Scorpio brings all subconscious fears to the surface. This means there is a tremendous potential to move pass fear.

Parca is usually symbolized by a round amulet or earring, denoting authority. Seniority and expertise are indicated. The three lines connecting the inner and outer circles of this symbol represent the past, the present, and the future.
Sun in:
Parca indicates a person with a sense of seniority and superiority, who is protective, responsible and a leader of their family. They are wise, psychic, and are courageous and inventive. They may experience financial ups and downs and can be reclusive and secretive. They also enjoy helping the meek and have a psychological and charitable approach to life.
(Walt Disney, Teri Hatcher, Kim Bassinger)

Hecate (Hek a Tay) December 15- December 27:

The symbol of Hecate is a bunch of roots tied together. This Palace signifies everything of basic nature, where motion is finite and limited. Hecate indicates the ideas of foundation, from the very bottom. Hecate people are direct, and prefer to start everything from its core. They are lovers of truth, and are ardent researchers. Hecate as a Goddess is the Goddess of magic and destruction, thus this Palace can accordingly create many reversals in life. But more often than not, Hecate people with their hard work, shrewdness and ambition, either manage to sidetrack the calamity, or overcome it, emerging as very successful. Hecate is inside the constellation Sagittarius. This is curious to some because Hecate was strongly equated with the constellation Scorpio. The reason for this is due to the stinger of the Scorpion falling directly inside this Palace in astronomy.

Hecate's symbol is the Root or Center. This Palace also includes the spiritual center. The symbol is a stylization of Hecate's traditional emblem: a bundle of roots. This bundle of roots represents not only Hecate's urge to seek the essential nature of all things, but also the practice of making medicinal herbs.
Sun in:
Hecate indicates a person who has a passionate desire to get to the truth and is good at investigation and research. They are direct, ardent and truthful and are shrewd and ambitious, but they can feel trapped and bound by circumstances. They can also suffer minor reversals of fortune due to Hecates influence.
(Eddie Vedder, Keifer Sutherland, Jordan Sparks, Jane Fonda)

Ceto (Kay-toe) December 28-January 09:

Ceto bestows a proud independent and commanding nature. Just like the manner in which water purifies us after taking baths, the natives born in this Palace have a constant urge to improve on themselves and situations in life. They keep on winning battles one after another, and hence it makes one invincible. Their main asset is a huge reservoir of philosophical and emotional depth, through which they take easy command and precedence over others. This Palace is known for declaration of wars. Ceto people move towards their goals with awesome fearlessness and aggressiveness. Yet many people born in this Palace remain passive, or confused towards their goals in career and education. Once the confusion clears, they become a symbol of strength.

This Palace delights in beauty and fearlessness. Its symbol resembles the seashell upon which Venus emerges from the waters of life. It also resembles Cetos emblem, the fan. The fan has multiple implications. It can be used to fan a fire (to keep passion alive), to cool off (to survive adversity).
Sun in:
Ceto indicates a person who is proud, independent, and invincible with strong influence and power over others. They are ambitious and fearless, with a strong urge for constant improvement. They have deep emotions and are philosophical, but they can also be confrontational, angry and harshly spoken.

(Mel Gibson, J.R. Tolkien, Diane Keaton)

Natura (Naut-oo-ra) January 10-January  22:

Natura is introspective and penetrative and is concerned with intensiveness, the results of the latter being more permanent than the former. The native born in its influence are highly virtuous. They have profound stamina, patience and durability. Natura can grant victory to the person seeking its blessings; therefore, the subjects of this constellation, when proven worthy by their integrity and persistence of the purpose, are granted success in time. The natives are natural leaders, and are highly respected for their virtuous qualities and unbending ethics. They have the power (mostly dormant) to penetrate deep in spirituality, and if they go towards their path properly, this Palace can produce invincible spiritual leaders as well.

Natura exemplifies truth, willpower, firmness, and virtue. Its symbol combines a pyramid (representing the crystallization of power), two elephant tusks and the rising Sun (its ruling planet).
Sun in:
Natura people are enduring, invincible, patient, righteous and responsible. They have great integrity and are sincere, committed to ideals, ambitious and good leaders. They usually have success later in life and have great stamina and constancy, but they can also be rigid and unbending.
(Orlando Bloom, Naomi Judd, Sade)

Apollo (A-po-lo) January 23-February 4:

Apollo enables to link people together by connecting them to their appropriate paths in life. The natives of this Palace are all about listening and learning. This constellation signifies eternal quest of knowledge. Apollo people are restless. They constantly involve themselves in conversations, or listening sessions to collect information. A person born under this Sign is either an ardent student, or a well-versed teacher. They can be excellent counselors, owing to their art of listening and giving advice based on their vast knowledge.

Apollo, although the God of the Sun is ruled by the Moon. It relates to listening to others as well as to one's inner voice. This Lunar receptivity is symbolized by a Full Moon supported by a Crescent Moon. The three smaller circles denote the "three uneven footsteps" associated with Apollo. The lines which connect the smaller circles to the larger one evoke the connection between speakers and listeners.
Sun in:
Apollo indicates good listening and learning and often on a quest for knowledge and information. People born in this Palace are intellectual and wise, and make good teachers and counselors and are good at conversation, but they can also be gossipy and restless. They are interested in the past and their heritage and are extensive travelers. They can suffer troubles and disappointment early in life yet become prosperous later in life.
(Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres)

Muses (Mus-es) February 5 February 18:

Muses builds upon the connections of Apollo and makes them more practical. The natives born in this Palace are either inheritors of great wealth, or accumulate it during the course of their lifetime. The symbols of this constellation are musical instruments. Accordingly, one can rightly decipher the musical inclination of Muses people. The subjects are natural leaders as well. This Palace also provides many of them with fame or at least a good reputation.

Muses is represented by a drum. This bold and confident Palace relates to music and dance, as well as to the larger rhythms of life. The shape of this symbol reflects the rhomboid pattern of the stars of this mansion. It is divided into eight triangles, representing the muses who preside over this Palace.
Sun in:
Muses indicates a person who possesses material wealth and property. They enjoy the idea of recognition and are good leaders, but they can be greedy and self absorbed. They are musical and good at dancing and like to travel. They can also experience marital difficulties due to Mars being the Lord of this Palace.
(Axel Rose, James Dean, Natalie Cole, Mia Farrow)

Aegeon (Ae-gee-on) February 19-March 3:

This Palace is about healing the human condition spiritually and physically. Aegeon is the Palace owned by the north node. This Lunar Mansion is the large group of faint stars in the Water Bearer (Aquarius). As the symbol of the Palace indicates, natives born in this Palace are natural healers. Apart from medicine and surgery as professions, they are well versed in unconventional methods of curing others as well. The people born in the Palace are inclined towards philosophy, astrology, mysticism, metaphysics and psychology. These people are usually very moody. Sometimes they share extraordinary good rapport with people. At other times, they turn reclusive. Their nature often confuses people with rather simplistic thinking. They are good at professions of mathematician, scientific research, accountant, and medicine. They are also known to be highly opinionated, and usually not tolerant of new ideas or opinions of others. They are also extremely stubborn. This may be one of the reasons they often suffer setback in relationships and marriage.

Aegeon is typically denoted by an empty circle. Emanating from the circle are four lightning-bolts, signifying the subtle electrical force present in all things. There are also smaller circles portraying electrons circumnavigating an atomic nucleus. This symbol also resembles a turtle, the carrier of the world, relating to the transpersonal nature of this often eccentric, reclusive, scientific, and mystical Palace.
Sun in:
Aegeon indicates a person who is a good healer, doctor, or astrologer and often is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary. However, they can also be opinionated and stubborn.
(Justin Beiber, Jon Bon Jovi, Cindy Crawford, Ivana Trump)

Chimera (Kee-mare-a) March 4- March 16:

Chimera rises up our spiritual aspiration in life and takes us out of the domain of selfish behavior. This is a transformational Palace where people will sacrifice themselves for a higher cause, to make a difference in the world. Chimera is the Palace, which inspires the native born in it to reach for higher goals in life. The people born here are extremely idealistic, and very passionate about their cause. They are also usually non-conformists and fairly rebellious. They tend to acquire eccentric qualities, which give them a lot of trouble in their life. They have excellent oratory skills, which they use effectively to spread their convictions.

Chimera is traditionally represented by a man with two faces, symbolizing the moment of death, when one exists both in this world and the next. It is also often denoted by a sword, representing severance. This symbol combines these two motifs.

Sun in:
Chimera indicates a person who is passionate and transformational, but a little extreme and indulgent. They are idealists and non-conformists and are good influencers of others and they can also be fearful, nervous, cynical and eccentric. Often their life can be full of sadness and problems.
(Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones, Carrie Underwood, Liza Minelli)

Phorcus (Por-kus) March 17-March 30:

Phorcus, the God of the depths of the deep waters, rules Phorcus. Phorcus grants growth and prosperity in a broad way, benefiting the ones close to them. A person born in this Palace is a leader, and follows a virtuous path. Phorcus provides the attributes similar to Chimera, but with a milder approach. The people in this Palace are simple in conveying their ideals. Generally, the natives are of cheerful disposition, a protective streak about the ones they love. They have self-sacrificing tendencies.They communicate softly, and are very private. They love seclusion, can be devoted to higher consciousness and can have psychic abilities.

Phorcus relates to another aspect of death, in which consciousness sinks deep into the abyss. This Palace is associated with the deep unconscious and the life force residing within. Its deity Phorcus "the God of the Depths", depicted here as a serpentine line ascending a vertical axis.

Sun in:
Phorcus indicates a person with good discipline and speaking and writing skills, who is cheerful, generous, self-sacrificing and very intuitive. They generally have good wealth and inheritance and have a happy home life; but they like solitude and seclusion and can be lazy.
(Quentin Tarantino, William Shatner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon)

Hermaia (Her-maya) March 31-April 12:

This Palace creates abundance through providing proper nourishment. Hermaia indicates a journey, and may in fact represent our final journey from this life to the next, being the last and final Palace. The last constellation of all the Palaces is Hermaia. This is the Palace where the Moon finishes her journey. Hermaia bids the Moon goodbye and assures a safe journey ahead. The same symbolism can be used for people born in this star constellation; they embark from this life to the next with ease and comfort. Ruled by the God Mercury, the subjects of Hermaia are responsible people who take care of others. They nurture and nourish people around them, and are loving and protective. The result is that this Palace grants them prosperity, and bids them farewell at the time of their death to reap the karmic rewards in their next life or in the afterlife.

Hermaia, as the final Palace, synthesizes and absorbs the mysteries of the previous Palace. This knowledge is portrayed here by an all seeing eye. This symbol also contains two fish, representing the Sign of Pisces and the soul's journey after death.
Sun in:
Hermaia indicates a person who is sweet, caring, responsible and tends to enjoy caring for others. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nurturing. They are devoted to loved ones and are spiritual, communicative, artistic and creative. Disappointments in their early life create compassion and forgiveness towards others, consequently, they are most likely to reap karmic rewards in their next life or the afterlife.
(Alec Baldwin, Marlon Brandon, Betty Davis, Patricia Arquette)

Asterian Astrology and the 12 Sun signs
The 27 signs of Asterian astrology overlay and modify the traditional Sun signs of astrology. For example, there are three distinct types of Aries: a Dioscuri Aries, a Hades Aries, and a Vesta Aries. As a result, the Asterian signs and the traditional Sun signs interact and influence each other. Much has already been written about the traditional signs in a multitude of astrology books. Therefore, they will be covered only in brief here, for the purpose of a quick reference.
April 13 – May 14
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is a Fire sign and is ruled by Mars. Its symbol is the ram. Those born here tend to be independent with a strong “let’s do it” force in their personality. They are creative and are great at starting new projects. They can be quite competitive and dynamic in their presentation. As a result, Aries often gravitates toward sports, the military, or any executive position. Nevertheless, they tend not to be overly physically aggressive, preferring to fight with words and ideas. They bounce back from disappointments and nothing seems to be able to keep an Aries down for long. Always ready to start again, those born in Aries like to lead, and often do a good job when in positions of authority. They can be willful, impulsive, and headstrong; however, at their core they are largely compassionate and loving, which can make them effective healers. Their plans and schemes are usually meant to benefit others, even when they don’t seem like that on the surface. Often, tact is an acquired taste for an Aries. Those born here can come off as opinionated and critical, but this approach is most often employed with the improvement of others in mind. They can best progress spiritually when they use their minds and energy in the search for ultimate truth.

May 15 – June 13
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is an Earth sign and is ruled by Venus. Its symbol is the bull. People born here tend to be stable, shrewd, reliable, and fixed in their ways of doing things. They have an innate appreciation for beauty in all its forms, and love orderly surroundings. For example, their homes tend to be well appointed and comfortable. Additionally, Taureans have a tendency to accumulate and hold onto things, such as money, property, or weight. Liking material comfort, those born under Taurus enjoy the finer things of life. They are devoted in relationships, sometimes remaining in a situation that is no longer satisfying, due to their bullish constancy. At their worst, they can be quite stubborn. They are slow to anger, but once aroused, can be cruel, even vicious. However, they can most often be counted on to be reliable friends, steadfast and loyal. Just don’t get on their bad side, as they don’t mind carrying a grudge around – for a long time. They can be opinionated and will remain fixed in their ways of thinking and doing things until they come to feel the need for a change. They enjoy working with their hands, and prefer to leave a lasting impression on the physical plane. In spiritual matters, those born under Taurus prefer traditional, ritualistic approaches to devotion.
June 14 – July 14
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is an Air sign and is ruled by Mercury. Its symbol is the twins, or a couple. Those born of Gemini tend to be personable and generally kind. They are almost never malicious, and often retain their youthful looks. Geminis are interested in ideas and innovation, and love to explore using their sharp minds. They, however, can over-extend themselves and become anxious and agitated, even neurotic. They are the natural communicators of the zodiac, and many become writers and entertainers. They love working with information, and can often be found in the scientific and computer fields as well. Geminis like to stay active, and they remain on the go, either physically or mentally, until they exhaust themselves. It is a major challenge for those born here to learn to regulate their energy. When turned in the wrong direction, their natural way with communication can lead to an unreliable, dishonest individual. However, even in these cases they are mostly interested in getting what they can, versus intentionally injuring others. Another downfall is Gemini’s potential to be indecisive and not bring plans to fruition. In spiritual matters, though, if they are able to turn their nimble minds in a higher direction, they can find peace and calm.

July 15 – Aug 15
Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is a Water sign and is ruled by the Moon. Its symbol is the crab. People born here are generally friendly and nurturing. They care deeply about those close to them, and are invested in having a good home life. In fact, Cancers are very protective and can lash out at those seen as a threat to their domestic peace. They follow their emotions in most matters, making them naturally responsive to the feeling tone of individuals, groups, and society as a whole. Cancer loves big ideas and can embark on large projects with great excitement. When they become fixated, however, their viewpoint can narrow to the point of ineffectiveness. Their ability to feel deeply can make them quite contemplative and considerate, but if they draw inward too much, surly defensiveness can assert itself. When confident, Cancers easily influence and lead others. This is because their natural affinity for sensing a situation’s emotion gives them an edge in their dealings with others. They can become rather devoted to anything into which they invest their emotions. They will then stick with it until they become completely disillusioned, and turn their investment elsewhere. When Cancers open themselves up to receiving the energy of spiritual truth, their compassionate bent can be used to the great advantage of everyone.
 Aug 16 – Sept 15
Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a Fire sign and is ruled by the Sun. Its symbol is the lion. Leos like order, and will do whatever is needed to bring that about. They have a strong sense of self and feel best when they are in the lead or the center of action. They feel most comfortable when dominant and react strongly to anything they see as threatening their autonomy. Leos can be rather dramatic in their presentation, seeming larger than life. They are generally intelligent and usually possess fine verbal skills. Taken to extremes, though, their natural tendencies can result in vanity and arrogance. Those born here can have trouble allowing anyone close to them to think and act for themselves, as Leos prefer to call all the shots. On the positive side, they can inspire others to great heights with their caring support. Leos can become effective healers through the strength and force of their personality, and their drive to get things done. They set high standards for themselves, which can become a burden if not handled wisely. This can lead to feelings of failure, a big pitfall for a Leo. Their greatest challenge is in learning to channel their authority and dominant energies properly. Doing so brings them a central calm that allows for much spiritual growth and advancement.
 Sept 16 – Oct 15
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is an Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury. Its symbol is a virgin or a young girl. Those born under this sign possess good, quick minds, fine verbal skills, and a nervous temperament. Virgos have good memories and are a storehouse of facts. As such, they are great providers of information, which they can use to their advantage. They have a natural pre-occupation with health and wellness. This is because Virgos tend to have delicate constitutions, especially regarding digestion. They can easily fall prey to chronic illnesses, made worse by their mental focus on whatever ails them. Nevertheless, Virgos can excel at the healing arts when they focus their mental energies appropriately. Their appreciation for detail makes them competent artists and craftsmen. Those born here must watch their tendency to overwork, especially when it springs from feeling that they aren’t being recognized for their contribution to a cause. They can overtax their energies if they do not keep a fine awareness of them. When they turn their demanding inner nature outward, they can seem fussy and hard to please. But if the can put their discerning minds toward spiritual matters, especially areas devoted to fine, philosophical determination, they will be rewarded with inner peace.
Oct 16 – Nov 15
Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is an Air sign and is ruled by Venus. Its symbol is the scales or balance. Those born under this sign are creative, and can have grand designs for humanity. They are visionaries and idealists, often with the sense of bringing transcendent beauty to the world. However, Libras can feel that the way to harmony is through disharmony, and can sometimes appear dark in their approach. They have little trouble expressing sexuality, and can use their charisma to influence others. With their love of beauty, they can gravitate toward the arts or theatre, all for the betterment of humankind. Libra’s drive for harmony, coupled with their social orientation can also attract them to the political life. Libras love influence and enjoy being the catalyst for change in those around them. Taking their talents to excess, they can become agents for leading themselves and others down a destructive path. Libras must maintain awareness of their natural abilities and use them for betterment of others. Truly, it is common for Libras to make their mark in the world in whatever endeavor they focus upon. They have an ability to connect with higher states of consciousness. Therefore, putting their energy toward connecting with spirit can move Libras rapidly along the path of development.
Nov 16 – Dec 14
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It is a Water sign and is ruled by Mars (and Pluto in Western astrology). Its symbol is the scorpion. Those born here like to explore the depths of anything they contact. Their Mars rulership gives them an affinity for physical expression and skill in martial endeavors. Yet, they can also devote themselves to matters of the mind, becoming talented researchers or therapists. Scorpios can easily become focused on the uses of energy, either external or internal, and techniques for these uses are often a fascination for them. They are quite perceptive as a rule, and form their views accordingly. Scorpios are not particularly flashy and may be underestimated as a result. Those born here can be difficult for others to figure out, as they keep their emotions a bit closer to the vest than the other Water signs. As such, they often appear mysterious or cautious. When their talents are improperly utilized, a Scorpio can become ensnared in the dark side of life. However, the proper channeling of their strengths leads to a deep, spiritually connected individual, someone in tune with their subconscious as well as their higher self. Using this connection, a Scorpio can reach great levels of true insight and a deep communion with the realm of spirit.
 Dec 15 – Jan 12
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is a Fire sign and is ruled by Jupiter. Its symbol is the centaur or archer. Those born here tend to have a positive outlook on life. While they have a strong sense of law, justice and “what is right,” they are also very optimistic and altruistic. The friendly manner of Sagittarians makes them good companions, and they are interested in the betterment of the whole. They like their space, and enjoy moving about. This love of movement is true in Sagittarian thinking as well, though they tend to stay on the conventional side of things. Lovers of the outdoors, they gravitate toward time in nature. They are philosophical and love to think, forming strong opinions, though this can become a problem if they take themselves too seriously. Nevertheless, they enjoy a good time, and can be rather social. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Sagittarians are an asset to almost any enterprise. Their expansive nature makes them a joy to be around most of the time, and life tends to bring them luck. But those born here aren’t all about good times and book learning. Sagittarius has a decidedly spiritual side. They tend to approach even this from a philosophical perspective, but often have high hopes and justified expectations of spiritual attainment.
Jan 13 – Feb 11
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is an Earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. Its symbol is the goat or the crocodile. In many ways the most practical of the signs, Capricorn is often concerned with the material world. Those born here are hard-working, patient, and willing to play the long game. They value most those things that come to them through their own hard work. Often ambitious, they usually set lofty goals for themselves, and are willing to work long and hard to attain them. Capricorns are the businessmen of the zodiac, with clever and shrewd minds. They can be very mechanical as well, often excelling in the hard sciences and research. Paradoxically, Capricorns can also be rather humorous in their approach to life.  Those born under this sign can experience obstacles in the attainment of their stated ends, but use these setbacks as a foundation for even higher attainment. Capricorns are not easily dissuaded from the marks that they set for themselves. This obstinacy can make them difficult to deal with, especially if they perceive the aims of others as being in conflict with their own. When mired in the material world, their spiritual growth is stunted. It is important, therefore, for Capricorns to learn to avoid workaholism, looking beyond the material to the spiritual underpinnings of the world.

Feb 12 – March 13
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is an Air sign and is ruled by Saturn (and Uranus in Western astrology). Its symbol is the water bearer. At their highest, those born here are free thinkers and innovators. Aquarians possess incisive minds, perceive clearly what needs to be done, and can invent the future. At their worst, they are self-critical, doubting of their abilities, feeling blocked, and confused. An evolved Aquarian is devoted to the good of humanity, even sacrificing their own needs for the collective. They are the champions of the oppressed. Unevolved Aquarians may find themselves degraded, while uncomplainingly accepting a repressed position in the world. Aquarians can rise to the greatest heights, or sink to the greatest depths. In any case, they are often seen as eccentric – either as original thinkers or as oddballs. Those born here are inherently spiritual, however, and can do well if they devote themselves to a spiritual path. Aquarians possess an ability to transcend the ego for their own greater development. In leadership positions, they can take their followers along a most exalted path by their inspiration. The major challenge for Aquarians is to use their ability to connect with spirit to uplift the rest of humanity. If their minds remain clear and they connect with their innovative tendencies, Aquarians can achieve much success in the spiritual realm.
Mar 14 – Apr 12
Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. It is a Water sign and is ruled by Jupiter (and Neptune in Western astrology). Its symbol is the fish. Those born here are very emotional by nature. They are in touch with their intuitive and psychic sides, and often make decisions based on “gut feelings.” Their emotional tendency can make Pisceans quite impressionable and vulnerable to the influences of others. They may also drift in imagination, becoming ungrounded. However, they are seen generally as very kind individuals who go with the flow. Those born here have a highly developed sense of compassion, though this can be used against them by the unscrupulous. Things which impact the emotions, such as music and the arts, can bring a Piscean great joy. They love the sensations of the body, and cultivating grace. They can even become good athletes. Pisceans may dwell on negative emotions, however, which can lead to various types of addiction and other forms of self-undoing. Their strong involvement with emotion can lead to disturbances in that realm, as well as bringing self-doubt and over-identification with feelings. This can make them inconstant and impractical. It is the greatest challenge of Pisces to attain control over emotion and channel their considerable intuitive gifts toward greater realizations of the spirit.


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