Jade S. Luna is the first Westerner ever to reconstruct Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) into a Greco-Roman format. He became certified in Astrology from the A.F.A in Arizona, Dynah Academy in India and the A.I.V.S in Santa Fe New Mexico. Luna has written for several magazines including Hinduism Today and Luna has been featured on several Radio shows across the world.

Jade Luna has traveled extensively around the planet, lecturing and conducting workshops on Astrology and Ancient Roman-Greco mysticism. Jade has traveled to India more than 30 times and spent a great deal of time with various teachers, Saints and Sadhu's in Asia.

Jade Luna consults with people privately. He usually presents a few seminars each year at various locations world wide.

During and after Luna's formal Astrological training, Bhau Kalchuri (disciple of Meher Baba) and Kal Babaji (Khajuraho India), tutored him in advanced mysticism and other forms of classical Indian lore. Jade Luna has now transformed his Indian studies into a Greco-Roman practice, showing the spiritual connection that the Ancient Mediterranean had with India.

Jade Luna is the author of Asterian Astrology and will be releasing Asterian Astrology VOL. II in the near future. Jade has been one of the most successful Astrologers in the world and has maintained a high level practice for over 18 years.


Asterian Astrology is revolutionary and will change the way we view Astrology forever.-Shri Ananda Das

Jade Luna has been amazing in assisting me in my career and my personal life.-Courteney Cox

I love Jade Luna's readings. He is the most pinpoint accurate astrologer out there. His system and guidance have been invaluable.-Rashida Jones

Jade Luna’s wisdom and knowledge are matched perfectly with his heart and compassion. I am deeply grateful for his astrological guidance on my path.-Sheryl Lee

Jade Luna's system of astrology and his readings were extremely beneficial for me, giving me great insight and guidance.-Drena De Niro

Jade Luna's insight and understanding of the truth of astrology is outstanding. It has served me and stands to serve us all.-Regina Hall

From the moment we started, I knew I was in the presence of a studied and experienced reader whose depth of knowledge and experience in the field surpassed many clairvoyants.  Jade Luna has an insightful gift of interpretation based on an original science that is irrefutable.  He told me things my heart was quietly protecting, changed my regrets into benefits, and helped me release that which no longer served me.  There is much to share about Jade Luna's readings, suffice it to say, I left with a peace I have not had in years.  Thank you Jade for helping me value the journey.-Angela Gibbs

Jade Luna is a masterful Astrologer.-Terence Trent D'Arby

Asterian Astrology is a gem 2,300 years in the making.-Franl Lanz

Jade Luna's astrological readings and revitalization of ancient Greek mysticism are amazing! I have gotten so much clarity from both aspects of Jade's work. And both have been instrumental in my continued growth in all aspects of my life. -Sharmila Devar 

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"When you embrace this Astrological shift, you are embracing the Astrology of the Ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Hindus, Buddhists, Mayans and most of all, the Egyptians. The Egyptians were so passionate about the precession, they spent hundreds of years creating structures that perfected their calculations. Precession proof Astrology is not just about planets and stars, it's about finally realizing what it means to align with your natural self."

-Jade Sol Luna